MBUSA – Build Your Own

Dynamic Personalization At Scale


The Problem

Mercedes-Benz USA has over 500,000 possible vehicle configurations on their site. The client wanted to target users with an exact replica of the vehicle that they configured on the site. The sheer number of configurations makes creating an ad for each untenable and would result in a large number of ads that would never be served to anyone.

The Solution

MBUSA Build Your Own site visitors were tagged with a pixel from the dynamic ad serving platform Flashtalking to anonymously collect configuration information such as class, model paint, wheels etc. These users are later retargeted in display channels with dynamic Mercedes-Benz ad content that features a digital replica of the vehicle that they configured. Using a custom developed solution, new vehicle configurations are pulled dynamically from the MBUSA media server at impression time, and cached at the dynamic ad server for any future requests.

The Result

Compared to the generic creative control, the data-driven Build Your Own creative drove:

  • 60% LIFT in overall view through conversion rate
  • 73% LIFT in overall click conversion rate
  • 20% LIFT in overall CTR
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