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Shopping Cart Abandoners


The Problem

A visit to Walt Disney World is magical, but planning one is not. Millions of potential visitors abandon their carts. Most of leisure travelers worry they're not finding the best price or making the best decisions while booking a trip. More than half of cart abandoners felt the magic was lost during the planning process.

The Plan

Make planning the experience feel more like the trip itself. Most cart abandoners would be more likely to book if the planning process felt "magical". Analyze data from various sources to determine who to talk to, and how. Create relevant content that supports the unique needs and mindsets of different people at different times. Distribute personalized content dynamically as a series of touchpoints that create a unique journey.


Creating highly personalized and relevant messaging requires massive amounts of content. Templates and style guides normalized all the visuals. Custom scripted Google Sheets helped automate the process of going from client approval to production-ready assets in multiple formats. Flexible HTML templates allowed enough creative leeway so that the end result didn't look "templated".

The Result

The campaign vastly exceeded expectations across several channels including:

  • Social: 3x increase in purchases
  • Display: 32% higher conversion rate
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